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Marketing as a massage therapist is the most important thing you will ever know apart from the massage therapy work itself.  Yes, it is that important. Without marketing, you will have a hard time getting clients.

Since massage therapy is becoming more popular around the world, the necessity to learn about marketing your practice becomes clearer.  If you don't know how to market yourself it will be harder to attract clients. Without clients its impossible to have that busy, thriving practice you've always dreamed of. In this day and age, the growing demands people have for massage therapy is increasing. If you want to get in on this growing demand, marketing your practice is the only way to become successful.... regardless of how skilled a therapist you are.

Massage Therapy As A Business:

The word 'marketing' can sometimes instill fear into most Therapists because they immediately conjure up images of a ruthless corporate business or company. Unfortunately the images of 'marketing' can be quite negative. But that's now in the past. You can now, confidently, approach marketing as a fantastic tool to get more clients and really have the thriving massage business you've always wanted. That's what this site is for; helping you to feel more comfortable by giving you the key tools to learn how to market your massage practice. Not by a corporate business, but by a Massage Therapist.

Marketing is a form of communication. The most successful massage therapists focus on helping their clients. They spend their lives being the solution for their clients. You see, success massage therapists focus completely on their client’s needs and desires. In fact, true marketing is simply ‘education’ with passion.

When someone asks you about massage, don’t you feel a surge of happiness and want to share your love of massage? Yes, of course you do. Why? --Because you know that you possess a skill that can truly make a difference to their lives.

The secret to becoming a successful massage therapist is to harness this passion and learn how to market yourself and your massage skills.

The key to getting more clients from your marketing is listening to what your client wants. Good marketing is about a communication that you are in the business of helping people. Being an exceptional massage therapist is about providing a service to those who need it. Marketing is about getting that message across to people. 

Marketing is all about communicating to people who need your massage therapy services. We are in the business of providing solutions, helping people and making a positive difference to our clients.

The word 'Marketing' need not intimidate you. You are marketing when you place an ad in the paper, tell a new client what you do or when you are writing a brochure or business card.

This Month's Tip:

How You Can Start Marketing Your Massage Therapy Business Today

Start with identifying what types of people come to you in your massage therapy business. This is the key. Gather all the information about them as a group and work out what their massage therapy needs are. Then you collate THAT information and write some massage therapy marketing based on a direct understanding of what the benefits they get from it are. It’s all a bit of science really.  Read more....

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Latest Article:

How Often Should I Market My Massage Business?

This is a question that I get asked on a regular basis. You know that you should do marketing- that’s established but the frequency is not always known. And, to be, honest with you, it sometimes depends on where your massage business is. I’ll explain.

Clinics who have been established for several years or more often fid that the majority of business either comes from word of mouth or the signage out the front- depending on where they are. The Therapists who have a good number of clients get most of their clientele through word of mouth and advertising they do. Starting Therapists usually get their clientele from word of mouth as advertising is not a financial option at this stage. Read more....

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Latest Video:

Two Major Methods To Getting More Clients In Your Massage Business...

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Want to get more clients in your massage business?

If you want to get more clients and keep them coming back for the lifetime of your massage career then its important you get the right education by someone who's done it all before, and, teaches you how to do it.

Advanced Marketing Strategies For Massage Therapists

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How To Get More Clients And Keep Them Coming Back For The Life Time Of Your Massage Career...

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Massage Marketing Strategies

This eBook is only for serious therapists and bodyworkers eager to start a business or experience immediate growth in their current business, find new markets to tap into, and learn unique, proven methods to effectively build their business.

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What A Business Plan Should Really Be Like:
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